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Ghughi Episode 2 | TV One | Mega Drama Serial | 1 February 2018
Ghughi Episode 2 | TV One | Mega Drama Serial | 1 February 2018

Description :عشق، انتقام اور نفرت کی آگ میں جلتے رشتوں کی داستان۔۔۔ میگا ڈرامہ سیریل گھگھی #Ghughi | Episode 2 | TV One | Mega Drama Serial Starring: Adnan Siddiqui, Amar Khan, Rashid Mehmood, Mohsin Gillani, Asma Abbas, Haris Waheed, Khalid Butt, Hamza Firdous #Actors #Adnansiddiqui #Amarkhan #TVOne #Drama #TVOnedrama The cry of a kidnapped girl. The obsession of a tortured man. The agony of a rejected bride- and the venom of a disgraced family. Ghughi A story of passionate love and overpowering hate-- set against the violent, bloody upheaval of Partition Beautiful, young Hindu girl Nirmala is kidnapped the night before her wedding by Rasheed, a young Muslim man, to avenge his family’s honour. Nirmala’s family is devastated and to atone for this mishap they marry off her younger sister Nikki to Nirmala’s fiancée Taek Chand. While Nikki and Taek Chand are distressed on their forced marriage, its Nirmala who faces isolation and extreme hatred of Rasheed’s family. Will Nirmala ever escape from this prison? Will her plight melt Rasheed’s heart? Watch Complete Episodes of TVOne All Dramas And Serials: #TvOnePK Subscribe to TV One Global for unlimited entertainment Like us on Facebook Follow us on
Duration : 41m 47s
Uploader : TV One
Added On: : 2018 01
Views : 358456
Likes : 1399
Dislikes: : 166

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